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Kiai ("key-eye") is a published author, writer, editor, and presentation specialist with advanced computer application, filmmaking, audio engineering, and public speaking experience seeking to advance social equity. Kiai thrives on self-initiation and autonomy, is able to design and develop effective communications, and can enhance the presentation of substantive content.

Kiai Kim

Donate Life Poster for the DMV

There's a lot of waiting around at the Department of Motor Vehicles, and a lot of empty wallspace. I made this poster to encourage those waiting to check the box on their license applications to become organ donors. The banner at the bottom came from I didn't do a very good job cleaning up around the guy's head at the bottom. Oh well. Made it a long time ago, probably while waiting for work at some desktop publishing job.

Kiai Kim

A Business Flier created on Illustrator

Found this old file on a USB drive. It's a flier that I made for my friend who wanted to start a business. Made a business card also and changed the color of the font for readability.

Kiai Kim

Arvid delivers wine and beer

First-class service on Lysefjord in Hordaland, Norway.